Magic Eyes - Erwin Stache

Radio Art Zone
21.07.2022 - 11.09.2022


So-called magic eyes date from the days of tube radios. These electronic tubes were used as display elements for tuning transmitters in a precise manner. The luminous effect is produced by bombarding a luminous layer with electrons. The objects use the magic eye as an indicator of volume. It modifies timbre and rhythmic structure, thus creating interesting images on the little green screens. The optics and the composition influence each other.

The eyes wake up when we approach the object and fall asleep when we move away from the detection zone.
The "Arten Sterben" installation presents quantities of tubes placed on the floor. The tubes are "dead", except for a few that still work, giving us the impression they are the last "survivors" who are still communicating with each other - strange acoustical and optical signs are exchanged - a vanishing species enjoying its last gasps.

Erwin Stache is a musician, composer, sound artist and builder of objects. He lives and works near Leipzig. He first studied physics, mathematics and education, later taking up the piano (studying with Ralf Rank) and the organ (with Konrad Heinig). His installations combine sound and music with elements of visual art and are mostly based on a humorous subversion of everyday realities. He constructs musical objects, makes permanent installations in public space and designs musical actions. In 2002 he founded the Atonor group, made up of young musicians who work with his instruments and sound objects. Stache has participated in many festivals with concerts and performances. Combined with the new music, his installations have been presented in Donaueschingen, Witten, Munich, and elsewhere.

In the framework of the Radio Art Zone Residency

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