Les papillons de la résistance

Culinary performance - tables d'hôtes


Claudia Passeri will revive at the Bridderhaus a performative and writing work initiated in 2017. “Les Papillons de resistance” is organised around a table d'hôtes, where the artist will prepare collective meals. At the end, the participants will receive handwritten bills. Personal and polysemous slogans will be printed on the back. These limited editions, the fragile and utilitarian papers, will be dispersed among the guests.

Evoking the history of the places and the discussions that animated them, this whole project is a literate work, treating the meaning of "political" slogans, the actuality of the "logic of refusal", developing the form that an act of conscience, of more or less asserted claim - almost individual, an act of resistance - or the mobilization around an artistic motif can take.

All the butterflies constitute an evolving work.

Claudia Passeri creates pieces with an intimate and ambiguous relationship with the environment in which they are conceived, thus questioning our perception of place and space. Depending on the site and the context, her work takes on social, political and environmental connotations. Her reflection has a neo-romantic dimension that seeks, often with irony, to reveal the mechanisms that activate creation and transform our view of the world.

In Luxembourgish, German, French and English.

Open to all.

Lunch rate: 15€ | 12am-1:30pm
Dinner rate: 25€ | 7pm-8:30pm

Booking required here.