Sérénade à Helen Buchholtz

Chamber Music for String Trio and String Quintet


Sandrine Cantoreggi: “As part of the “Salon de Helen Buchholtz”, this 5th concert, for which the initiator Claude Weber gave me carte blanche, is both a journey into the past but also a projection towards the future.

I chose the theme of the Serenade or "Ständchen" because it is defined, in its most common sense, as composition or performance in honour of someone. In classical music it is somewhere between a suite and a symphony. It is generally light-hearted in nature and has a serene, laid-back character.

The musical program, specially composed in honour of Helen Buchholtz, is devoted exclusively to bowed string instruments ranging from the miniature formation of the trio to the string quintet. Its only leitmotif is the love and devotion of a few composers and musicians for their art.

Here we are at the heart of the subject of our unexpected program, composed of original or arranged works by composers of the past with Ludwig van Beethoven, Théodore Gouvy, Helen Buchholtz, Lou Koster and of the present with Catherine Kontz. Music to (re)discover with delight in the welcoming and intimate setting of “Le Salon de Helen Buchholtz”.

Violin 1: Sandrine Cantoreggi
Violin 2: Yanis Grisó
Viola: Sophie Urhausen
Cello: Jean Halsdorf
Double bass: Choul-Won Pyun