Vu « Se’leschmîrz » a « weisse Ble’en »

Helen Buchholtz and the Luxembourg authors of her time


Thanks to the efforts of several musicologists and musicians, the work of Luxembourgish composer Helen Buchholtz has been rediscovered and made accessible over the past years and decades. Among her compositions, there are also texts by Luxembourg authors (Albert Elsen, Willy Goergen, Lucien Koenig, Marcel Noppeney, Joseph Tockert, Nikolaus Welter, etc.) set to music. However, if we look at the titles of the pieces that have been performed and recorded recently, we will notice that songs in the Luxembourgish language are often under-represented, perhaps because they correspond less to our values than other compositions from an aesthetic point of view and by the ideas they convey. This concert conference aims to better understand the texts and the songs from a cultural and historical point of view and to learn more about literature and music in Luxembourg during the first half of the 20th century.

CNL Mersch: Myriam Sunnen
Soprano: Noémie Sunnen
Piano: Tatsiana Molakava

The conference will be held in Luxembourgish.